Excellent client experience


Collaboration. Honesty.

Refreshingly straightforward – With you from the very start of your first trial, our team is with you every step of the way.

With many years’ experience of solutions delivery & technology adoption, our experts will collaborate with you to address your business needs with our industry-leading technology – bringing unrivalled efficiency and productivity gains.

Collaboration and honesty are vital for a productive and successful relationship. There is no “one size fits all” solution – understanding your values, culture, and end goals is critical to our joint success – from an individual trial or full program, to deeper adoption and process development.

We bring refreshing, straightforward thinking and synergy that goes far beyond other providers.

Responsive. Forward-thinking.

We recognize your needs may change as you move from early adoption on one trial to multiple trials or to a trial program.

Responsive and forward-thinking, our success is intertwined with yours – we are not afraid to share ideas, expertise and experience to help guide and support you and your teams.

Our ability to think outside the box, coupled with vast technical expertise brings you creative & cutting-edge solutions that deliver benefit whilst adapting to your changing needs, providing ROI at every stage.

Encapsia is the most powerful and flexible solution on the market designed to lower barriers to adoption


Flexible. Easy adoption.

Our technical flexibility allows encapsia to slot directly into your current processes – with no wide-ranging internal changes.

Any aspect of encapsia can be adapted or even directly integrated to your existing ecosystem via our industry-leading integration frameworks.

You could take eSource DDC for data entry or take advantage of our unparalleled flexibility and choice of EDC, eSource or Home Visit whilst continuing to use current systems internally for your data processing.

Put us to the test – ask us how encapsia can uncover your full potential.

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