On-Demand Webinar – Solutions to Today’s Clinical Data Challenges: Delayed Data and Its Impact

Today’s trial complexity means more intensive data capture, and continuous flows are essential. Vital strategic decisions need to be made using real-time data analysis and intelligence from all sources.

encapsia: are you ready for Digital Transformation?

Now is the time to realize the benefits of digital transformation.
Are you ready to Step forward?
Encapsia. Innovate and embrace the future of clinical trials, today

encapsia Product Showcase at SCDM21

Clinical Trials in 3D. DCT means it’s time to bring the technology to the data.

Credit: Presentation from SCDM21

encapsia: turn data into knowledge

Is siloed, laggin data slowing down your trial analyses and reporting?
Step forward with encapsia, and turn data into knowledge – in real-time!

encapsia: a truly revolutionary platform for decentralized clinical trials

Regardless of the collection option – EDC, DDC, Home visit or integration, encapsia surfaces all data (clinical and meta) immediately in interactive visualizations enabling up to the minute oversight and unmatched immediacy to your decision making.

Step forward with encapsia and bring your data to life

As well as live visibility, encapsia empowers you to make fast, better informed decisions. Integration is easy and all-encompassing, with minimal risk. Flexibility is built-in and our technology is future-proof: built to leverage the cloud and boasting unrivalled speed of development.

Flexibility and choice for your clinical trials with encapsia

Easy adoption: powerful, inbuilt adaptive capability

encapsia: operational guidance and technical consultancy

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