Clinical trial data technology has changed...

Too many of today's systems were created before the smart phone revolution. They were "inspired" by paper-based CRF workflow. They were built before social media interactions, and before eSource was promoted by the FDA. Encapsia® has been built in an era of mobile devices, apps, cloud computing, data science, and artificial intelligence. And it shows.

Encapsia® is a vehicle for collecting electronic source, images, audio, video, time-series and digital endpoints alongside traditional CRF and lab data. This is wrapped in a configurable cleaning process that allows you to define multiple streams of review alongside query management, built-in issue tracking and medical coding.

That is what we mean when we say that encapsia® is a new generation clinical data suite.

Practical and with regulatory compliance built into its core, encapsia® bridges the gap between research platform and operational studies, providing refined tools for data managers and CRAs and a new home for data scientists.

Our users love encapsia®

For us, "live and real-time" means the sort of live and real time you expect from apps on your phone, rather than the compromises typical of clinical trials software.

"Actionable insights" means being presented with information in a format that you can act upon directly, rather than having to write an email, log in to another system or copy-and-paste into a spreadsheet.

Encapsia® insights are purpose-built "micro-apps" that give you the information you need and the ability to turn that information into efficient decisions and workflow.

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What can you find on this site?


It's about time. Learn about the encapsia® eSource app that allows sites to collect data directly from the patient, eliminating transcription and removing the need for SDV.


Making EDC simple. EDC systems have been around for quite some time and have been in need of a facelift. The encapsia® Entry app breathes new life into EDC making the transcription of data easier and more intuitive.


Redefining actionable insights. encapsia® Insights is an app for live, interactive, intuitive data visualisations and dashboards which are not simply images on a screen but tools to aid and perform review activities.

DM and Monitoring

Where the fun begins. A complete data management environment helping Data managers, CRAs and Project Managers to track, review and clean their data.

Third Party Data

Handle with ease. Loader and Review dramatically reduce the time for creating, loading and reconciling third party data.

Medical Coding

Making molehills out of mountains. Our coding app, integrated into the encapsia® suite performs auto-coding as data is being entered. Terms that can't be autocoded can then be manually coded with an simple and powerful interface.