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Encapsia is an EDC platform, built in the era of smart phones, which leverages modern concepts to breathe new life into an old idea. For example, the eSource app supports direct data capture (DDC) in the same system that contains Encapsia Coding, Encapsia Loader, and Encapsia Insights; all driven by the same configuration.

Overall, Encapsia is an innovative, powerful, next generation clinical data suite, that delivers a complete solution to gather and manage data in clinical trials and apply live insights and analytics on trial progress to inform and support management decisions.

Observations and issues can be highlighted, shared with study stakeholders, actioned, tracked and automatically compiled into clear auditable formats, all inside Encapsia. The Encapsia suite is fully compliant with all relevant regulatory standards.

Why Encapsia?

Live visibility of subject data

Data can be viewed live in visual insights and can provide real time analytics of the clinical and third-party data such as lab, ECG, biomarker, sensor and other data.

Better, faster and more informed decision making

The Encapsia suite of apps communicate seamlessly and in the same, single data repository and management environment. They deliver truly integrated data analytics across, all data, all the time, allowing for quick, data-driven decisions.

Straightforward integration

The suite has been designed to easily integrate with existing EDC platforms or data management systems, allowing customers to benefit from selected enhancements without having to displace all incumbent solutions.

Flexibility at heart

Encapsia allows data to be captured flexibly, by mobile direct data capture (eSource) through a tablet, multi-media and web EDC. It is also designed to integrate with data from wearable and handheld patient operated medical devices.

Future proof

Purposefully built for the cloud, a robust and flexible single data repository and management, it boasts apps that can be changed, replaced or updated. This protects your investment and gives flexibility to meet future needs and requirements.

Reduced time and cost of trials

Data can be captured directly with a tablet, eliminating transcription. Edit checks fire immediately on entry offering live feedback to the user leading to less errors, less data to verify and lower costs. It works seamlessly on and offline, allowing for no interruptions to data entry.

It's so much more than "just" an EDC...

Introducing the Encapsia apps. These include:


Learn about the Encapsia eSource app, downloadable from the Apple App store, that allows sites to collect data directly from the patient, eliminating transcription and removing the need for SDV.


EDC systems have been around for quite some time and many are now looking tired and clunky. The Encapsia Entry app breathes new life into EDC making the transcription of data easier and more intuitive.


Redefining actionable insights. Encapsia Insights is an app for live, interactive, intuitive data visualizations and dashboards which are not simply images on a screen but tools to aid and perform review activities. No having to read issues in separate systems or use spreadsheets.

Conduct: DM and Monitoring

A complete data management environment helping Data managers, CRAs and Project Managers to track, review and clean their data.

Loader and Review: Third Party Data

Handle with ease. Loader and Review dramatically reduce the time for creating, loading and reconciling third party data. Third party data is stored in the same data repository as clinical (eCRF) data.

Medical Coding

Dedicated coding app, integrated into the Encapsia suite performs auto-coding as data is being entered. Terms that can't be auto coded can then be manually coded with a simple and powerful interface.