It’s time to bring the technology to the data


A new era of clinical research has begun where the old ways of recruiting, conducting studies, and analyzing data are simply no longer viable.

A truly revolutionary, powerful and holistic platform, encapsia allows you to manage, explore, visualize, and analyze clinical data effectively, so you can move your trials forward in a new reality, whilst saving time and money.

Encapsia is built to handle this future, and the next. Why wait?

Decentralized trials

Encapsia frees you from traditional site-based limitations, giving you more options to increase efficiency, reduce the burden on the patient and significantly improve Investigator-Patient relationships, increasing patient retention. When combined with eSource Direct Data Capture (DDC), integration with functions such as eConsent, Interactive Response Technology (IRT) services, encapsia offers unparalleled site and patient satisfaction bring you real benefits in speed and cost savings.

Encapsia’s unique range of intuitive entry and review modalities, together with straightforward integration with expert systems such as Randomisation and Trial Supply Management System (RTMS), eConsent, Electronic Patient Records (ePRO), etc. lets you adopt decentralization options with confidence.

Regardless of the collection option – Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Direct Data Capture (DDC), Home Visit or Integration, encapsia surfaces all data (clinical and meta) immediately in interactive visualizations enabling up to the minute oversight and unmatched immediacy to your decision making.

Why encapsia?

Live data visibility

Live data visibility

Real-time data surfaced through powerful visualisations provide instantaneous analysis of all trial data including third-party lab, electrocardiogram (ECG), biomarker, sensor and others.

The fastest, most informed decisions

The fastest, most informed decisions

Encapsia is based on a single data repository and management environment, delivering truly integrated data analytics across all data, instantly, allowing quick, data-driven decisions.

Straightforward integration

Straightforward integration

Simple and fast integration with expert providers or your legacy EDC or data management system bringing the advantages and benefits of encapsia with minimal risk.

Flexibility at heart

Flexibility at heart

Encapsia lets you choose - mobile direct data capture (eSource), Home Visit – both with multi-media, web EDC as well as integration with any other required data source such as wearable or handheld patient operated medical devices.

Future proof

Future proof

Purposefully built to leverage the cloud, robust and flexible single repository, boasting unrivalled speed of development keeping encapsia at the forefront of client needs. Protecting your investment and providing unmatched flexibility to meet any future needs and requirements.

Reduce time and cost

Reduce time and cost

Data captured directly eliminates transcription. Edit checks fire immediately on entry resulting in less errors, less data to verify and lower costs. Seamless on and offline modes support true site flexibility and deliver an unsurpassed Site experience.


Our people are the key to our success. In our fast-paced business, we encourage employees to see the big picture, express their creativity and flexibility, make decisions and create change. In return, our people find a place to achieve, grow and feel valued and rewarded.

If you want to use your technical skills in a life changing industry and:

  • bring your talent and skills for an industry-leading software
  • be part of:
    • a diverse worldwide community of fun and smart people, joining forces in building the future of clinical trials
    • clinical innovation and digital transformation
    • a product that is leveraging modern concepts to revitalize clinical trials and giving users the experience of tech that they use in other aspects of their lives

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Senior Leadership

Francis Destin

Chief Operating Officer

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Dr. Timothy Corbett-Clark

Chief Technology Officer

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Senior Director Technology Operations

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Encapsia. Step forward.

“Encapsia is head and shoulders above any system we have used”.

Global Study Nurses Forum – Client CAR-T cell program

“Encapsia is the best eCRF we have ever used!”

Top University Teaching Hospital

“A very high-end, truly modern clinical data management system”.

Top Exec, Early phase Big 5 Pharma

“The system is a very exciting development in our industry”.

Top 5 Pharma – Clinical Program Head

“The system definitely enhanced the ability of our scientific and medical experts to access data quickly and efficiently”.

Sponsor study team for eSource pilot study

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