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Encapsia expands its global reach and service offering

We are excited to announce that Cmed has today joined the AIXIAL Group and ALTEN Group.

ALTEN is a world leader in Engineering and Technology consulting with 37,000 engineers and scientists located in more than 30 countries throughout the world. It serves customers in a range of industries and has a depth and breadth of experience and expertise across life sciences, software development and artificial intelligence.

AIXIAL Group, an ALTEN company, is a CRO renowned for its flexible and functional resourcing. Through this acquisition, the AIXIAL Group continues to build its global presence with over 1,000 employees. Cmed’s experience, expertise and technology approach perfectly align with the AIXIAL Group’s vision to provide expert services to clients and transform the clinical trials landscape for the benefit of patients.

Cmed Technology is now able to offer an even greater breadth and capability to improve client trial operations through the substantial expertise, capabilities and scale of ALTEN and AIXIAL.

A copy of the recent press releases from ALTEN, Cmed and Aixial are available at this link for your information.

Encapsia expands its global reach and service offering

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It is no secret that there is a digital transformation happening across life sciences and healthcare. This seismic shift is being facilitated by cutting-edge technology that is enabling the interrogation and aggregation of the vast quantities of data that we now have at our fingertips. The adoption of automated processes using technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), which incorporates human intelligence into machines through a set of rules, and machine learning (ML), an application of AI whereby the computer learns automatically through its experiences, is key to collecting and analyzing the vast and varied data that is now available and facilitating a move to a personalized approach to medicine.
As the ways in which clinical trials are conducted and monitored continue to modernize at pace, there is an urgent need for digital transformation in the industry. If sponsors are to realize their goals of running flexible, decentralized trials (DCT), risk-based management (RBM), or adaptive trials while adopting big data, artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML), the emphasis must now be on technology solutions that optimize clinical trial data workflows by bringing the technology to the data.
Innovative technology for clinical trials is now, more than ever, necessary to deliver decentralized trials (DCT) and enable design of hybrid protocols that support trial continuity and patient-centricity. We’ve added new capabilities for encapsia, after we’ve seen increased demand for its use in decentralized trials. Encapsia delivers a complete solution to gather and manage multiple live clinical data sources and apply real-time data management, sophisticated visualizations, analytics, and AI. Encapsia was designed to address the pain around remote collection, integration, and availability of disparate data.