Modern, Intuitive, Easy to Use

Illustration of encapsia EDC on a computer

Simple but powerful EDC

Entry (EDC) is the most intuitive tool available providing a modern interface, advanced navigation and powerful point of entry validation to radically improve site efficiency through:

  • Clear and straightforward navigation.
  • Quick and simple data transcription.
  • Focus on the data sites need, when they need it.

The app is intuitive, easy to use, and fully integrated with the full background power of encapsia. Entry makes data transcription a pleasure, through modern controls and simple, easy to read screens designed to remove errors and reduce site workloads.

EDC, eSource and Home Visit are interchangeable providing real-world flexibility for the site team to keep the trial going whatever happens..

Benefits of EDC with the Encapsia Entry App:

  • Data Visibility: Summary screens of key data, intuitive search facilities and one click actions remove frustration and wasted time. Site staff can see visit data in a single screen, while smart navigation allows easy and fast switching between subjects, visits and pages, as needed.
  • Cleaner data: All data checks are Point of Entry, coupled with simple and intuitive query workflows mean you see cleaner data immediately.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: Multiple intuitive navigation and data entry options, out the box, allows any user to be up to speed in minutes. Simple, clear icons and progress totals guide sites through their work so you get clean data more quickly.
  • Immediate data: Instant, real-time visibility of all data provides up to the minute oversight of activity and progress, allowing faster decisions so saving time and money.
  • Superlative Site experience: Fast response times, intuitive workflows and navigation with easy to use entry options, all contribute to less time in the system, freeing sites to focus on what really matters – their patients.

“Encapsia this is the best eCRF we have ever worked with”.

Advantages of EDC with the Encapsia Entry App


Site Experience

A modern, intuitive interface with all data instantly saved, allowing powerful validation of all data in real-time on entry.



An EDC that is focused on the what the site need, no wasted functionality – simple to use and anything they need only a click away.



Important data is flagged with clear icons and with easy navigation to the subject summary and full datapoint history, whatever the site need is at their fingertips.



Cloud hosted, available globally 24x7 with consistent performance and no down time, encapsia EDC is there when the site need it.



Data is stored automatically on entry in the Encapsia server, complying with 21CFR11, HIPAA and Data protection regulations you can be sure your data is safe and secure.



An integral part of the Encapsia platform, the full power of Encapsia is available and can be brought to bear to speed your study progress, increase efficiency and save time and money.