Making EDC simple

EDC is a staple of clinical trials technology but it compares unfavourably with the mobile and web apps we use in our everyday lives. Legacy EDC systems, even the most popular, are supported by aging technologies that aren’t built for today’s connected world and often look and feel dated. One reason for this is that “EDC” has become a central hub onto which other functionality, even whole systems, have been bolted. The end result is complex, hybrid pieces of software that attempt to serve too many purposes.

Entry is encapsia®’s EDC App. Rather than trying to re-invent EDC the goal is to re-focus on the most important aspects of electronic data capture:

  • To make data entry quicker and simpler.
  • To make it easy to find what you want.
  • To present you with all the information you need.

Entry’s summary screen shows key data for each subject, allows you to filter and search to find the subjects you’re interested in and to take high-level actions like signing or crossing out. The data entry interface allows you to view all the data for a visit in a single screen, while smart navigation controls mean you can move quickly between different subjects, visits and pages, with minimal clicking and reloading of data.

The system supports multiple methods of navigation and data entry, so whether your interaction style relies more on the keyboard or mouse you’ll be equally at home. Simple, clear icons and totals tell you what you need to know, guiding you to queries and showing you what’s locked and what’s been signed. Validation checks fire as data is entered and you can either respond to queries within the eCRF page or manage them in a dedicated queries screen. And you can access the full history of a datapoint, showing you not just data changes and audit trail information but queries, query responses and signature and lock events.

As part of the encapsia® ecosystem, Entry can focus on the EDC user experience, while other areas of functionality that have often been forced into “EDC” are handled by their own dedicated encapsia® components.

Cmed delivers EDC via the Entry app in encapsia®, the first cloud-based suite of apps for the collection, management and analysis of clinical trial data.

The Entry app gives sites the ability to transcribe and view eCRF data using a modern interface with advanced navigation facilities. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and a fully integrated part of the encapsia® suite. The app focuses on making data entry less time-consuming and arduous, featuring modern data entry controls and simple, easy to read screens all designed to help sites when transcribing their data, rather than adding to their workload.

Modernising EDC

It is fair to say that EDC systems have been around for quite some time and have been in need of a facelift. The encapsia® Entry app breathes new life into EDC. With no save buttons, and navigation that allows you to flow from one page into another, Entry speeds up that data entry task.

A dedicated query mode gives you flexibility to address queries as they appear, or revisit at a later date.

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Let's talk advantages

What can encapsia® EDC offer you?


A modern, intuitive interface that's designed for the web. All data is instantly saved, allowing validation to occur in real-time.



An EDC system that just focuses on EDC. Data entry is made simple, with all the tools for EDC in one place.



See more of your data on screen, flagged with clear icons and with easy access to the subject summary and full datapoint history.



Advanced navigation facilities allow you to move swiftly through the eCRF with minimal loading times.



Data is stored automatically on the encapsia® server – there’s no save button.



An integral part of the encapsia® clinical data suite meaning you have access to the full power of encapsia®.