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Webinar: EDC vs eSource

30 October 2019

Jon Carter
Catie Roland
Mark Tomlinson

This webinar asks if eSource is better than EDC and vice versa. We will explain EDC and eSource in some detail and then look at the pros and cons of both to take a balanced view. Listeners will gain a solid understanding of the challenges of adopting eSource for their next clinical trial but also have an idea of where eSource will likely go in the future.

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Past events

DIA 2019

San Diego
June 23 - 26, 2019

Jon Carter
Tim Corbett-Clark
John O'Brien
Catie Roland

What a week in San Diego at DIA 2019! After arriving home late (or early Friday morning) and exhausted from the long journey, I still have an energy coursing through my veins fuelled by the week we left behind. As I reflect what the week meant for us, I feel an excitement about the future of both Encapsia and our industry.

Having observed the conference themes and the offerings from other vendors, I can’t help but feel there is nothing quite like ....

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SCDM 2019


Claire Bennett
Jon Carter
George Parrish
Brian Reichert

A key message from the SCDM conference was to focus on study outcomes, not outputs. With a risk based, “fit for purpose” approach to data validation Data Managers can focus the review on the data that matters, leveraging centralized technologies like Encapsia for data integration, analytics, defined risk thresholds and review tools to drive targeted review of eCRF and non-eCRF data.

Thanks to everyone who visited the Encapsia booth or engaged with us during the event. For a follow up demonstration of Encapsia please contact: or