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Decentralize your Trial

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Decentralized, hybrid, adaptive - Encapsia is untethered and mobile, allowing you to run trials your way.

Encapsia Home Visit further extends Encapsia’ s market leading innovation to free users from the limits of legacy technologies, adding multiple options for visit conduct.
Home visit lets you conduct a trial visit at the Patient’s home, instead of asking the Patient to travel to Site .

Study nurses capture data directly on an iPad, in real time with instant validation of entered data, resulting in clean data immediately. Fully mobile, working on or offline with the ability to capture evidence of procedures or copies of source using inbuilt multimedia capability makes this the only option to conduct visits in a Patients home.

Home visits reduce the burden on the patient and can significantly increase patient recruitment whilst maximising patient retention.

With Home Visit, Encapsia fully supports physical, tele, or home visits enabling truly remote or virtual trials. Home visits may soon become the new normal.

Benefits of the Encapsia Home Visit App

  • Faster data, quicker decisions: Staff capture study data directly and with real-time validation completely eliminate traditional delays between the visit and data visualization by decision makers.
  • Untethered from a physical location: iPads are assigned to a nurse, who takes it into the patient’s home. It works seamlessly on and offline, meaning it can be used in the most difficult or remote locations. Data is encrypted and sent to a cloud-hosted Encapsia server automatically when an internet connection becomes available.
  • Real-world flexibility: Staff can enter data directly, or upload multimedia attachments such as photographs, video, audio, handwriting.
  • Real-time oversight: Supervising users at site can see data immediately so make decisions far more quickly, saving time, money and increasing patient safety.
  • Cleaner data in an instant and no SDV: Validation checks are point of entry, so errors are flagged instantly for correction whilst with the Patient. This improves protocol compliance, removes SDV and reduces total queries.
  • Support for eConsent: Add your preferred eConsent vendor to the same iPad to further streamline consent and Patient enrolment via background integration.
  • Flexible and adaptive trial design: Use Encapsia’ s flexible form and visit structure to match the documentation needs of the study nurses at Site or in the Patients home.
  • Greater patient recruitment and retention: With less burden on patients, home visit trials see greater patient recruitment and retention, allow you to reach Patients traditional vendors can’t.

Advantages of the Encapsia Home Visit App



Sites capture all data directly into our user friendly eSource App, speeding up data collection and eliminating the need for transcription.



You can continue to collect data any where in the world. The app seamlessly goes into offline mode without interrupting workflow.


Real-time Validation

Queries fire immediately on entry to ensure queries can be resolved whilst with the Patient.



The multimedia function enables data capture of authenticated copies of source data.



Perform all tasks in the app, including responding to queries


Audit Trail

The audit trail for each datapoint contains the full lifecycle of the data, including its values, queries, signatures and lock status.