Integrated medical and inventory software

Holistic and seamless experience

Encapsia is built around a fully functional, published REST Application Programming Interface (API), which simplifies and facilitates integration between your various platforms. This optimizes user experience and aligns your different functionalities/groups into a coherent whole. Removal of duplication, reconciliation, different sources of ‘truth’, saves time, resources and increases data quality.

An example of hyper-integration: Transforming Drug Dispensation and Site Experience

Encapsia has partnered with endpoint clinical to create a revolutionary integration giving clinical trial sites to manage clinical data, randomization, inventory management as well as drug dispensation in the one user interface, in real-time.
This breakthrough integration allows endpoint’s Interactive Response Technology (IRT) to be accessed through the power of encapsia’s eSource Application (Electronic Data Source), reducing site burden by decreasing the number of software systems used, decreasing costs whilst increasing user satisfaction and efficiency. Site users benefit immediately from this revolutionary interoperability between two leading clinical trial software systems. Performing all their tasks of an Electronic Case Forms (eCRF) and IRT within the single user interface of Encapsia.

Integrated medical and inventory software

Further benefits encapsia integration can bring to your trials:

  • Save cost, time and effort: built for holistic management, encapsia seamlessly pulls together all your study systems. Our revolutionary platform will give you real-time data in one place, proving greater oversight, control and increasing trial efficiency
  • Easy adoption: Encapsia can be tailored to your precise needs today and evolve with you as adoption widens. For instance, match your existing roles in encapsia, start with Electronic Data Capture (EDC), then bring on Electronic Data Source (eSource) or Home Visit when the time is right for you – using the same system at no additional cost
  • Data Science: Encapsia Analytics makes it easy to manage discrepant data from any source, structured or unstructured, including any pre-analysis, filtering and mapping
  • Single user experience: All your data in one place means one login and reduction is site and user complexity, reducing workload and increasing site satisfaction
  • Instant access: All data is real-time with no batching or scheduled processing, giving you up to the minute data for immediate decision making
  • Full support: Dedicated technical consultant to create required integrations and provide ongoing support

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