Third Party Data

Handle with ease

Illustration of the Loader and Review app for managing third party data

Cut the time needed to upload, validate and review third party data

Third party data from laboratory analysis or wearables has become staple data for clinical trials. It is usually made up of very large tables of data and can provide some systems with a challenge to handle such quantities.

The Encapsia Loader and Review apps are able to handle third party data with ease, providing tools for setup, loading and reconciliation. Days spent trawling through listings are now cut to minutes as automated tests run while the system loads the data.

encapsia streamlines the process for third-party data uploads. You can configure a loader with automated transfer rules so that the data can be loaded automatically into the encapsia® database where it can be viewed, reconciled and managed in the encapsia Review App. Loads are rapid.

Benefits of the Encapsia Loader and Review apps

  • Reduced setup time: Configuring a new data load using the Loader App is simple and requires no programming knowledge. It takes just a few minutes. You can load a test file and automatically seed your loader configuration with the columns and datatypes from the file, dramatically reducing setup time.
  • Automatic validation: You can create complex rules to validate the incoming data and add calculations which transform it for analysis and evaluation. Each loader is associated with a unique URL where files can be posted and processed automatically by the system or, alternatively, your third-party vendors can log in and upload their files manually themselves! In either case, the incoming file is checked using the rules defined in the configuration and the system generates alerts if any errors are detected. When the file passes validation, the data is loaded into the Encapsia database and the system checks the loaded records against the study schedule, flagging data which is missing or unexpected.
  • Easy reconciliation: The Review App gives you the ability to view and reconcile the loaded data. It shows you whether records are expected or not and allows you to include or reject them as part of the output dataset. You can also see the results of calculations configured in Loader, such as flagging out of range values or derived columns. Missing records are highlighted for further investigation and at any time you can click through from Review to the Conduct App to see the associated eCRF data.
  • A single platform for all to collaborate on: site staff, study team and vendors can all log in as authorized users and perform their tasks, securely. For example, users at a site can log in to Review if they need to interact with the loaded data. They can respond to queries from the study team and perform tasks such as indicating clinical significance or associating records with adverse events.
  • Complete overview of the big picture available: As with all Encapsia apps, all actions are audit trailed and users can view the history at any time.

Advantages of encapsia Third Party Data apps



Rapidly set up the third-party data upload schema. Start from scratch, start from a sample file, start from a previous loader.



Set up rules to validate and format the incoming data as it arrives.



Automatically upload data files by sending your data to a published URL.



Study team, vendors and site users can all use the system to perform their specific set of tasks.



The Review App identifies missing or unexpected records and allows you to view, reconcile, query and annotate the incoming data.



Full logging of all dataloads, errors and warnings with configurable email notifications to your team