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eSource means lower costs and quicker decisions

The eSource app is part of Cmed’s Encapsia clinical data suite, the first cloud-based suite of apps for the collection, management and analysis of clinical trial data.

With the eSource App, sites can capture source data directly on an iPad, in real time, and the need to transcribe data from notes to the eCRF is gone. With instant validation and clean data while the patient is still in the clinic, eSource is fundamentally a new way of doing things!

It is truly mobile, works on or offline and can capture data and copies of source using multimedia.

Benefits of the Encapsia eSource App

  • Faster data, quicker decisions: Site staff can capture data live, directly in the app, eliminating the traditional gap between a patient visit and the time data is ready for visualizations. This allows for immediate access to data, and quicker decision making
  • Less workload for medical staff: available from the Apple App Store for a standard iPad, encapsia’s eSource App means you don’t need to provide medical staff with bulky extra hardware. Everything can be done through a simple tablet app.
  • Real-world flexibility: Staff can capture data directly within the app, through entry as well as using multimedia (photographs, video, audio, handwriting).
  • Less costs at sites: Encapsia eSource doesn’t require a special, locked-down device or involve costly provisioning. Additionally, the strict security features of the eSource App mean each iPad can still be used as normal for other tasks
  • Reduced costs with CRA visits: Multimedia data from the app can be viewed remotely. This means CRAs need to go to sites less often and make shorter visits, saving you time and money. Data captured as source, does not need a source data review.
  • Cleaner data in an instant and less SDV: Validation checks fire at the point of entry, so you can see any errors while the patient is present and have a chance to make meaningful corrections. As well as improving protocol compliance this helps to ensure that your data are clean first time, reducing the number of queries from CRAs and Data Managers and the time it takes to resolve them. Not having separate source documents reduces or eliminates SDV.
  • Universal access to data: The app works seamlessly both on and offline, meaning it can be used anywhere, even in areas where Wi-Fi is intermittent. The data is automatically saved to an encrypted store on the iPad and, via the Internet, to the cloud-hosted Encapsia server.

Advantages of the Encapsia eSource App



Sites directly capture all data into our user friendly eSource App, speeding up data collection and eliminating the need for transcription.



Wifi never seems to reach all corners of every building. With Encapsia eSource, this doesn't matter. It works just the same offline as it does online


Instant Validation

The Encapsia eSource App includes point of entry checks that fire at the time of data entry.



The multimedia function enables data capture of authenticated copies of source data e.g. source notes, traces, EMR screens, videos of procedures or informed consent.



Perform all tasks in the app, including responding to queries


Audit Trail

The audit trail for each datapoint contains the full lifecyle of the data, including its values, queries, signatures and lock status.