Flexible Direct Data Capture

Illustration of encapsia eSource displaying on an iPad

Immediate data access & decision making while lowering costs

Capture your trial data directly on an iPad, in real time, removing the time consuming and error prone transcription from paper CRF’s. With instant data validation, clean data is available in seconds allowing immediate review and senior decisions from anywhere in the world.

Unburden your clinic from the tyranny of current technologies and free them to focus on what matters - their patients & running your study.

eSource is fundamentally a new way of doing things!

Benefits of the Encapsia eSource App

  • Immediate availability of data: Eliminate delays between the patient visit and data review, saving you time, effort and increasing patient safety and oversight.
  • Truly mobile and untethered: No data transcription, no proprietary hardware, fully mobile, seamless on and offline operations.
  • Real-world flexibility: You choose your visit modality - eSource, EDC, Home Visit or telephone – all out the box from the same configuration – no additional costs.
  • Save Money & Time: No need for special devices or docking stations – iPads are readily available everywhere and eSource can be downloaded by end users.
  • Boost Monitoring effectiveness: With no SDV and ability for photographs of key information to be reviewed remotely, you can decrease visit frequency, travel and time on site.
  • Clean data instantly: Checks fire on entry whilst the subject is still at site leading to improved protocol compliance & significant savings in data management & clinical time.
  • Global review: No matter where the site, data is available for review from anywhere in the world in seconds, giving true up to the minute trial oversight, protecting patients and saving money.

Advantages of the Encapsia eSource App



Sites directly capture all data into our user friendly eSource App, speeding up data collection and eliminating the need for transcription.



Wifi never seems to reach all corners of every building. With Encapsia eSource, this doesn't matter. It works just the same offline as it does online


Instant Validation

The Encapsia eSource App includes point of entry checks that fire at the time of data entry.



The multimedia function enables data capture of authenticated copies of source data e.g. source notes, traces, EMR screens, videos of procedures or informed consent.



Perform all tasks in the app, including responding to queries


Audit Trail

The audit trail for each datapoint contains the full lifecyle of the data, including its values, queries, signatures and lock status.