Analytics on live trial data

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Step Forward to unrivalled oversight and invaluable Insight

Transform how you view all your trial data with live data analytics in real time, all in one place, with the world’s most advanced cloud-based clinical data platform.

Encapsia Insights gives you sophisticated trial oversight that goes beyond yoru regular data visualization. Insights uses the latest analytic tools to bring you the trends and outliers that can be hidden deep in your data. Encapsia gives you an interactive and immediate experience: Highlight data, share your comments and agree actions with your colleagues in real time.

Step Forward to:


Live Data

See and react to the data that matters to you



See and react to the data that matters to you



Raise tags, queries, mark as reviewed, collaborate with your team in real time



Choose the configure the Insights that matter to you at any point in the trial


Full Screen

Enlarge any insight for easier viewing


All Data

See and analyse all the protocol and metadata, for example, look at site by site comparison on numbers of queries per page, or review system audit trails for particular user trends

Only encapsia offers you the ability to see all your trial data interactive and actionable, in real time, via a single user-friendly interface


Spot trends

Review all of your assessments in a glance - over time, by assessment, etc


Identify Outliers

See all your outliers in one view - drill down to the data in 1 click, or mark as outlier as reviewed


See Site Performance

Compare all sites side by side


Track your Subjects

See how your subjects are progressing through the trial Review Progress

Track activities for the whole trial, particular sites or just individual subjects

Encapsia Insights. Unrivalled, Invaluable Benefits

Immediate data visualizations: Automatic data visualization from any source: eSource, EDC, third party data or any integration

Cleaner, higher quality data: That can be examined at each data point or viewed overall to identify trends and outliers

Faster decision-making: Immediate data availability enables real-time visualizations that guide data cleaning and review

Full control and flexibility: Customize your dashboard to prioritize information, then configure insights to increase control of data


Increased clarity of trial data: Fully adjustable parameters allow users to see data their way

Fully actionable, interactive insights: Raise queries when outliers are identified, drilling through encapsia apps to the original recording or to see data points in context

Easily track and resolve issues: User-created tags allow you to track issues and define resolutions

One integrated system: Saving time in real time with easy access in one single environment

Ready to enhance data clarity and control your study with data visualizations that are live, interactive and accessible to your whole team, wherever they are?

How about some examples...

Spotting trends

Compare all assessments over time to spot any trends. View Larger

Identifying Outliers

Identify outliers in your clinical data. Drill from an outlier to the CRF, or mark the outlier as reviewed. View Larger

Include Coded Data

Group AEs and Conmeds based on their coded terms. View Larger

Dashboards - Site Performance

Compare all sites with dashboards to help identify if sites are on track. View Larger

Track your Subjects

As subjects progress through a trial they move through difference statuses. Insights can use this metadata in its data visualisations View Larger

Review Progress

Track your review activities for the trial, particular sites, or indivual subjects. View Larger