Medical Coding

Making molehills out of mountains

Medical Coding teams are small groups of highly technical users and, as a result, are sometimes poorly served by the software they use. Encapsia® Coding is the home for medical coders within the encapsia® system. Its simple, powerful interface allows coders to perform all the tasks they need to manage dictionaries and their associated information, configure automatic coding, perform manual coding and view prior coding events.

You can choose to perform coding on the encapsia® server for your trial or on a separate coding server which serves multiple trials. Encapsia® supports a wide range of coding dictionaries and allows you to upload local variant or client-specific dictionaries, providing they conform to an existing dictionary structure.

Dictionary management all takes place within the Coding app and new versions of existing dictionaries can be loaded without recourse to IT. When new versions are loaded, the system can automatically recode terms which are now out of date or whose hierarchy has changed. As well as MedDRA we support WHO-DD / DDE / HD in B2 and B3 formats with or without ATC.

Perhaps most powerfully of all, encapsia®’s integrated architecture allows coders to click through from a term to the Conduct App to see it in the form it was originally captured, together with all relevant context information.

Encapsia® Coding makes a molehill out of a mountain.

Inside the autocoder

The autocoder codes verbatim terms as they are entered, rather than in a batch process, meaning that coded terms are returned in real time. The autocoder can be customized with both dictionary-level and trial-level synonyms, stop words, block words and special characters to refine the coding process. Terms that are not autocoded are flagged for manual coding, using a powerful dictionary browser which supports complex search terms and allows users to automatically add synonyms using the verbatim term.

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What can encapsia® Coding offer you?


Verbatim terms are autocoded in real time and displayed to the study team and coders.



Install the app on the trial server or on a separate coding server for all trials.



Manage per-dictionary and per-trial lists of synonyms, block words and stop words to improve the accuracy of the autocoder.



Supports a wide range of dictionaries, allows multiple dictionary variants and supports dictionary management in the app.



Click through from the Coding app to see the verbatim term in context in the eCRF.



Automatically recode out-of-date terms following a dictionary update.